UNDER THE PICKLE TREE is a boutique producer of Asian-inspired pickles, relishes, curry pastes, marinades and salad dressings. The range is sold mainly from Victorian Farmers Markets and selected retailers. The product range pays homage to age-old pickling traditions inherited from grandparents and truly unique recipes inspired by proprietor Kelly Meredith's time living and working in Thailand and Vietnam.

EVERY UNDER THE PICKLE TREE JAR is handmade in small batches in rural Panton Hill at a council-registered kitchen. All products have been batch tested for shelf life at Food Laboratories in Abbotsford - with citric acid the only preservative. The small batches means the products are a flavour sensation - the curry pastes are restaurant quality and are never more than six months old when purchased.

UNDER THE PICKLE TREE is accredited by the Victorian Farmers Market Association and must buy a majority of its ingredients from Victorian farmers.  Kelly endeavours to use produce that might otherwise go to waste, and every summer makes a pilgrimage to Rich River Tomatoes in Strathallen for sun-ripened tomatoes too ripe to go to market but perfect for Under the Pickle Tree’s Spicy Tomato Relish and Burmese Sauce


VISIT US and taste the products at Hurstbridge Farmers Market (1st Sunday), Alphington Farmers Market (2nd Sunday) and South Morang Farmers Market, Civic Centre carpark, Ferres Boulevard (3rd Saturday). It is usual for Kelly to cook up a storm featuring one of our products for inspiration and post the recipe that day on Facebook. 

FOR RECIPE INSPIRATION visit our Recipe Page or Kelly’s Facebook page.  Want to buy online –simply click the Farmhouse Direct icon and visit Under the Pickle Tree’s online store or go to the stockists page for current retailers.